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Serving Melbourne
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3 simple lifestyle changes that might reduce your migraines

Wouldn’t it be great to help your migraines? To actually have some level of control over them to make your life better.

Migraines are the most common disabling brain disorder. They are very common and there should be more help.

Migraines have such a negative impact on our lifestyles. To go from having a seemingly normal day, being active and productive, to a migraine episode where your locked away in a dark room on Panadol is no way to live. Even the idea of having to avoid activities or foods because you know that they might trigger one is tough.

One of the biggest problems with migraines is that there are such limited options for treatment. What’s out there isn’t really treatment, but just a suppressant or temporary relief before the next one.

Either way there really isn’t a proper solution. All you end up doing is living with migraines.

The truth though, is that there is more that can be done!

Migraines are basically triggered when the brain can no longer regulate its inputs and gets over excited.

For example, if you were to step outside on a bright day, initially you would recognise the light as being very bright and have to squint or shade your eyes. Eventually, your brain would adapt to this input and you won’t recognise the light as so bright and basically see it as “normal”.

A migraine sufferer would go outside on a bright day and experience the same intense light response. However, a migraine sufferers’ brain, wouldn’t adapt so well. A migraine sufferers’ brain is already hyper excited and can’t take much more input. So, something as simple as extreme light change can affect them severely or could even trigger a migraine.

The goal that you are really trying to achieve is to calm the brain down and keep it from being in such an excitable state.

If you interested in helping your migraines and possibly make a significant difference to them then here are my three top ways to help ease them.

  1. There a food’s that definitely have a stimulatory effect on your brain. These foods generally cause the brain to work harder which is something you don’t want for a migraine sufferer. Avoid anything with caffeine or confectionary for 2 weeks. Note what kind of effect they have on your migraines.
  2. Just like battery’s, your brain needs to be recharged when it is used. If we don’t charge our brains with sleep, then we put more pressure on it to work which increases input into it. Get to bed earlier and try get a minimum of 8 hours sleep.
  3. In today’s modern age, smart phones and tablets are a necessity with work and life. However, most of us use tech for more than just what is needed. Try reducing your screen time to an hour a day. The input from the light of the screen is a major input into our brain.

If any of these tips have had a positive impact on your migraines, then there may be something we can do to help your migraines. If this is the case, then please contact us and arrange a time to be assessed properly so we can see if there is something we can do to help.

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Serving Melbourne
for over 20 years