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Serving Melbourne
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– 3 tips to settle your baby for a good night’s sleep

Let me paint you a picture. You have fed your baby, you know their tummy is full, their nappy is dry, and they’re tired. You spend half an hour (or more) rocking them, only for them to wake up the moment you put them down. Back to square one! Sound familiar? Today I’m going to share with you our top 3 tips to settle your baby for a good night’s sleep, to give you back your sanity.

1. Babies need routine
Babies are entirely dependent on external cues to learn behaviours. They need to feel safety and comfort. Setting up a nightly sleep routine helps them develop sleep associations, which quickly becomes a regular sleep routine.
Work out a routine that works for you – the key is consistency. My favourite is bath, massage, book/songs, feed, sleep. If your baby is on solid food, add in their dinner before their bath.
Ensure you’re also consistent with timings, usually within a half an hour window is sufficient.

2. Babies need darkness
It might sound so simple, but babies need a darkened room to fall asleep. Their systems are still learning day from night, and any amount of light in their room can be confusing to their physiology. Night melatonin production is at its highest when your baby is exposed to sunlight during the day, and darkness during the night.
Ensure you’ve got block-out blinds in your baby’s room and reduce the light as much as possible. If you must have a night light in there, ensure it is red in colour to reduce the stimulatory effects of blue light (baby night lights in red wavelengths are easy to find these days).

3. White noise helps babies resettle themselves
White noise to your baby sounds a lot like their life in the womb and is familiar and comforting to them. It also helps drown out louder noises like other children, cooking, and the tv. Often babies can learn to resettle themselves when they stir but hear familiar white noise.
Options for white noise include apps on the iPad, and white noise channels on Spotify (this is what I do personally through a speaker in the bedroom). Ensure any electronic device is as far as possible away from your baby and turn the volume up a notch higher than you think you need it!

Babies can be a great joy to our life but can also be an enormous source of frustration. A few simple routines can help make life with a baby the joyous time it should be.

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Serving Melbourne
for over 20 years