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Serving Melbourne

for over 20 years

35 Churchill Ave , Maidstone

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Serving Melbourne
for over 30 years

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35 Churchill Ave , Maidstone, VIC 3012, Australia


The Chiropractic Adjustment for Neck Pain

Say Goodbye to Neck Pain: How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Find Relief and Regain Your Quality of Life! Neck pain is more than just waking up feeling sore. Neck pain can affect people in many ways physically and mentally. Physically, neck pain can cause stiffness, limited range of movement and difficulty with daily activities Read the full article…

The Benefits of Chiropractic for Seniors

“Revitalize Your Golden Years with Chiropractic Care: The Key to Pain-Free and Active Senior Living!” Aging can feel bad due to a variety of factors, including physical decline, cognitive changes, social isolation, and loss of independence. These factors can contribute to feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety and can negatively impact your overall quality of Read the full article…

Chiropractic Help for lower back pain

For many people, Chiropractic has been their saving grace, the relief they’ve been looking for. Whilst many associate Chiropractic with low back pain treatment, understanding the many different causes of low back pain and what forms of treatment should be applied can be very complicated to understand. Is Chiropractic for Low Back Pain Manipulation? Many Read the full article…

Chiropractic Treatment for TMJ

The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is a specific joint that allows your mandible to move with your skull. It is one of the most important joints in the human body and is highly innervated with direct connections to various parts of the brain Many people will use the term “TMJ” to describe dysfunction in this joint, Read the full article…

Three mistakes many practitioners make when trying to treat adrenal fatigue

You’re fatigued, you awake tired, your memory is going, you struggle to sleep, you can’t live without coffee… Sound familiar? Stress is a growing problem in the western world. Our lives are high paced, the exercise we do tends to be explosive, we’re sleep deprived and often isolated. There’s no doubt our modern social life Read the full article…

Serving Melbourne
for over 20 years