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Serving Melbourne

for over 20 years

35 Churchill Ave , Maidstone

VIC 3012, Australia


Serving Melbourne
for over 30 years

Group 11

35 Churchill Ave , Maidstone, VIC 3012, Australia

Natural Body Products

Enviro Care

You care about the health of yourself and your loved ones. But do you know what you are putting into them? Can you even pronounce some of those names on the back of the products you use?

Our EnviroCare products are created with quality plant based ingredients and are:

Body and Hair Cleanser –from $12.00

Use our sensitive version of body & hair cleanser for a gentler clean without stripping the skin & upsetting the pH balance.

Made with luxurious coconut ingredients without any added fragrances or dyes it transforms into a gentle & delicate foam, cleansing without drying out skin.

Silicone Free Hair Conditioner 1ltr- $28.00

Get serious about making sure your hair is really healthy, leaving out silicone & sulphates.

Use our ultra-light formula enriched with mega botanical oils & feel the effects of revitalised & healthy hair without all the harsh added ingredients of other products.

For fantastic & best outcomes use with envirocare Silicone Free Shampoo.

To keep your hair silicone free you should avoid sprays, gels & other products that are loaded with silicone to prevent further build up & affects of silicone.

Once you get used to lighten the load of silicone in your hair you will love the freedom of clean natural hair.

Bubble Bath- $12.00

Luxurious bubbles & botanical fragrances will help you reconnect with your spirit while soaking in our brilliantly foaming bubble bath, designed to cleanse & soothe at the same time.

Formulated with gentle plant base ingredients that will not damage your pH balance & is suitable for all the family including babies and toddlers.

TIP: No need to use soap while using our Bubble Bath & you won’t get ‘scum build up’ in your bath either as there are no fats present.

Hand Wash- $10.00

Formulated with invigorating turmeric & fenugreek, our hand wash revitalises the hands while cleaning away the days grim without stripping natural oils and upsetting pH balance.

Gentle enough to use all day long & without added fragrances for sensitive skin & noses.

Hand Sanitiser- From $8.00

Non flammable, alcohol free sanitising foam that is ideal for kids, travel, camping, elderly or sick rooms that does not make your hands dry when used daily and regularly.

No added fragrance for sensitive skin & those who prefer no scent.

Handy sizes for purses or handbags and in the car too.

Takes a little longer than the ones with harsh alcohol base, but flap your hands a bit and you will soon be task ready!

Enviropet – From $11.00

Over the years we’ve been asked about products for the other members of our families. So we looked around and found a great wash for your beloved pets.

The EnviroPet Sensitive Skin and Allergy wash is a great choice for our animals. Here’s why:

Mild formulation suitable for dogs, horses and cattle. Contains coconut oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil & vegetable glycerine to soften & clean skin & hair.


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    Serving Melbourne
    for over 20 years