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Serving Melbourne
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You probably have a belief of what a Chiropractic adjustment is and the way it works from things that you’ve heard. Maybe you’ve watched a video or two or know someone that’s attended a Chiropractor in the past, or perhaps you’re just looking for a solution to your problem and you’re unsure if or how a Chiropractor might help you.

Rest assured, Chiropractic is a safe, natural, drug free approach to healing with an emphasis wholistic health care.


There are many ways to describe an adjustment. Most will describe it as the physical process of restoring spinal motion, but in modern Chiropractic the term adjustment is more broadly used to describe a consultation in which we balance the body physically and neurologically through specific corrections.

Here at Spinewise, our practitioners have completed specific post graduate programs in nutrition, biochemistry, neuromuscular function, neurology and physiology. Our team use this knowledge to provide highly specific adjustments that involve utilizing physiology, nutrition, supplementation, structural corrections and rehabilitation to provide rapid relief from a broad range of physical and health abnormalities.


Human evolution has occurred over millions and millions of years. During this time our brains have evolved in three distinct phases often referred to as reptilian, mammalian and neocortex.

As we look through the years of this development, we can also see very specific posture changes relating to the emergence of new areas of the brain having shifted from a laying to all fours, into the more recognizable flexed rounded shoulders posture of apes into our upright human posture.

We can see as a species emerging, we’ve moved from all fours to up on 2 legs with a flexed ape posture into the species we are today with an upright posture a chest that stands out with our chins and face pointing forwards.

When fatigue or other forms of dysfunction affect our brain health, we naturally start sliding back towards our ancestors. The result is a rounded shoulder posture, hunched back appearance.

Whilst this is a very simple example, through expertly trained eyes, subtle changes in posture reveal underlying changes in your physiology and neurology.


Chiropractic has become a broad field of knowledge over the last 100 years. Fundamental to health though is the understanding the structure governs function. Irrelevant of whether you have back or neck pain or perhaps a health complaint, a body alignment chiropractor will always assess your structure for great function.

Correcting and structural problems will improve neurological and general functioning of your body and open your care up to various other forms of neurological, biochemical and physiological treatments to truly enhance your health.

This doesn’t mean you need to be cracked or clicked into place. Our team has multiple ways of restoring function to an area respecting your bodies innate ability to heal.


The approach we have developed is unique to our team at Spinewise. Following a thorough history and assessment where we will identify the specific markers that are causing your problem. Our team will then carefully and strategically develop a program of care aimed at correcting those markers. This program might include structural corrections, muscular balancing, nutrition, supplementation or even neurological support.

We’ll provide you with a written guideline to all the procedures that will be used, a time frame for correction AND the number of appointments you require. But we won’t end there…

We will then completely reassess your system looking for 3 key things:

  • What has improved
  • Has there been anything that hasn’t improved
  • Have you developed any new problems

Being clear on your progress provides a level of certainty about your care and allows our team to cater programs specifically to your needs.

If you’d love to make an appointment with one of our expert team or if you would like to talk with one of our team about the ways we might be able to help you, just give us a call on 03 9318 7758 or you can book online here.

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Serving Melbourne
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