Serving Melbourne

for over 20 years

35 Churchill Ave , Maidstone

VIC 3012, Australia


Serving Melbourne
for over 30 years

Group 11

35 Churchill Ave , Maidstone, VIC 3012, Australia

Skin Health

Natural Instinct Facial Moisturiser 125ml- $15

We only get one skin for our lives, so let’s look after it. Good food full with vibrant colours and antioxidants as well as great hydration is really important for skin health. But can we do anymore?

Natural Instinct is a natural face moisturiser packed with Rosehip & Sweet Almond Oil to help restore skin elasticity & reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s Easily absorbed & non-greasy providing 12 Hours of Continuous Hydration, packed with natural oils, antioxidants and vitamins for soft, younger looking skin

Hurraw Lip Balms – From $6.95

Hurraw! Lip Balms are 100% natural, organic and vegan. Each balm is made from premium raw and Fair Trade ingredients. These lip balms feel amazing on your lips: never sticky, greasy, grainy or over-scented. Instead, each balm is smooth, soft, and is formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Plus, the range of flavours suits every taste – including- black cherry, chai, coconut, vanilla, unscented, chocolate, raspberry, liquorice & much more!

Up to 50% of each tube is made from post-consumer recycled materials, and have been cleverly shaped to fit in pockets without slipping out.

Uv Natural Spf 30+ Sunscreen From $15

UV natural Offers natural ingredients that are moisturising and easily absorbed by the skin, giving a flawless and non greasy feel with no lasting odours. The breakthrough formulation offers simplistic yet effective broad spectrum, 2 hour protection from the sun.

Brauer Paw Paw $6

Paw paw is an amazing substance. It’s soothing properties bring relief to many skin ailments.

Harnessing the natural moisturising qualities of the amazing Paw Paw fruit, Brauer have created a beautiful range to deeply nurture and soften your skin, naturally.

Brauer Paw Paw contain natural ingredients including Paw Paw with the added nourishment of Shea Butter, Honey, Vitamin E and Grapeseed Oil. The petrochemical-free formula nurtures, soothes and protects dry skin and moisturises chapped lips. It’s also great for soothing and softening baby’s bottom and dry skin.


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    Serving Melbourne
    for over 20 years