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Serving Melbourne
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The 30 second test that might determine your knee health future.

Are you struggling with knee problems? Do you feel like it is a constant battle trying to get your knee right? Hearing different opinions and trying so many things but feel like you are not actually getting anywhere. Would you like to do a simple test to see if this is the problem?

“Quadricep strength may contribute to worsening of knee pain”

Do you feel like you have done everything under the sun, and you are still managing this crappy knee? Or are you sick and tired worrying about it and just want it to be an issue of the past?

Often, we can get caught working on something for so long that we just give up and deal with the pain. The problem with entering this zone is that you start accepting it as a problem that you have, and act like it is as much part of you as your arms.

But wait…. There’s good news!

Often knee dysfunction can be easily solved with minimal work. There are loads of tests you can do that can isolate the issue and help point you in the right direction with minimal fuss.

One of the biggest and most common issues when it comes to knee dysfunction is your quadricep muscle. For those of you that are unsure where it is, it’s the big muscle on the front of your thigh.

Quads are very powerful muscles and performs many jobs. Not only is it vital for knee function, it supports your hip and lower back. This guy is important!

Let us get back to the knee. If you look where the quad attaches itself to the kneecap you should be able to see the rounded off muscles just above the knee. The quad helps the knee straighten by pulling up on your kneecap. This movement is important for squats, walking up stairs and kicking the footy just to name a few.

Function and strength to this muscle is vital for proper knee function and without it you will develop some sort of dysfunction through the knee joint.

There is a whole heap of things that can cause this muscle to weaken over time. Each case can be different, and the same thing will not work with everyone. It can range from strength issues all the way to nutritional or physiological changes. It’s important to get it check to find out why it’s not working for you.

Without a doubt poor hip flexor strength or function will affect the health of your knee and can lead to serious knee injuries.

If you want to solve you knee issue. Like literally get it sorted and put in the past, and stop having to worry about it, then here is a simple little test you can do to find out if it is worth your while.

  1. Stand next to a bench or something you can support your balance on.
  2. Bend the one knee.
  3. See how far down you can go before you feel your muscles will not support you anymore.
  4. Then push back up .

A normal healthy functioning quad should allow you to go down all the way to the floor and push you back up to a straightened position. If there is any pain, feel like you’re going to fall down, lack of control, or not being able to go all the way down then most likely your hip flexor isn’t 100% healthy and most likely contributing to your knee problems.

If this is something you have been struggling with and want to get checked out, please contact us by email or call and we will organise a time for you ASAP!

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Serving Melbourne
for over 20 years