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Serving Melbourne
for over 30 years

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The most missed ligament with unresolving lower back pain

Do you wake up everyday with back pain? Have you seen different practitioners with little result? Do you get short term benefit from treatment?

“The iliolumbar ligament is a major stabilizing component between the vertebral spine and the pelvis”

Unresolving or re-occurring low back pain is the bane of many peoples lives. Its either constantly there nagging away at you throughout the day, or you are one wrong movement away from setting it off.

This type of low back pain leads people to seeing a lot of different practitioners chasing long term relief. It seems to get better for a while with many forms of treatment, but it just never seems to maintain itself.

I’ve often found when the iliolumbar ligament is dysfunctional back pain becomes either specific to the sacroiliac joint or becomes quite broad and low throughout the lower back.

It still amazes me how often I see patients who have seen practitioner after practitioner without anyone investigating the function of this important ligament.

Treating iliolumbar ligament dysfunction is actually quite simple and rarely requires ongoing treatment.

I’ve often found even one single session focussed on correcting this ligament results in significant relief for many people. In fact, so much so, that I now routinely check it on every person I see using it as the basis of treatment for all low back pain sufferers.

In fact, I can’t even recall the number of people I’ve worked on who have had significant relief by simply applying the most basic of soft tissue procedures to his ligament.

It’s one of the most powerful methods that I’ve seen to improve lower spine and pelvic function.

So, I guess you by now probably would love to know the biggest ways I see people damage this ligament routinely…?

Well here’s the top 3 things that I see people do that create issues with this amazing ligament:

  1. Poor General Posture – Bending side ways for long periods of time especially little things such as putting weight only on one leg…this is even worse if you’re carrying bub at the time!!
  2. Extending when lifting – Lifting itself is not necessarily a big problem, it’s more what you do once you’re up. Lifting and then counter balancing by leaning back pushes the 5th lumbar forward loading this ligament creating strain and stress on it which I see lead to issues all the time
  3. Working above head – When working above head, if we work directly above head as opposed to a slight angle forward we tend to arch our back to see the ceiling. This extension also creates grief for this ligament.

Illiolumbar ligament dysfunction is a common problem that we see cause endless recurring pain for many people. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

If you’re waking up day after day, struggling with relentless pain, unable to find a solution then give our team a call on 9318 7758 and highly trained team will be able to assess to see if the solution to your pain might be simpler than you think.

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Serving Melbourne
for over 20 years