Serving Melbourne

for over 20 years

35 Churchill Ave , Maidstone

VIC 3012, Australia


Serving Melbourne
for over 30 years

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35 Churchill Ave , Maidstone, VIC 3012, Australia

Water Filtration

Can you taste and smell chlorine in your water? Do you really know what you’re drinking? How many kilometres of pipes have been passed before water gets to your home? Confident that all those pipes are free from contaminants?

Whilst it may seem silly at first to need to filter water that looks clean to the naked eye, we need to be real about what we need to do to keep water in that state.

Water tends to be full of nutrients that can grow various forms of microbes. To prevent this substances such as chlorine are added.

Whilst these substances are great to keep water clean, many people have problems that prevent coping with some of these substances.  The easiest way around this is to simply remove it before consumption.

There are so many different water filters on the market now it’s easy to be confused which do what. After years look using water filters, we love the Aquasafe range of filters. Here are a few reasons why:


Under sink water filters from $180

Portable Above Counter top filters from $85

Whole house filters from $280

Shower Filters from $65

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    Serving Melbourne
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