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Serving Melbourne
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Why upper neck problems can come from your jaw

Does it feel like you always have neck pain? Do you need to constantly get your neck treated? Is it good for a while but the pain always come back?

Jaw movements involve jaw and head-neck movements at the same time

Pretty much everybody has had neck pain at some point and can relate to the discomfort and inconvenience it can cause.

If it occurs very rarely then it’s something that you can tolerate. If not…. then people get frustrated and seek some kind of treatment.

Most often treatment is aimed at where the pain is or at the tight muscles or restricted joints close to the pain.

Regular treatment for neck pain includes massage, spinal adjustments, some muscle release work, ultrasound or some other electrical device.

Commonly people get some relief with their treatment, but it always seems to be short lived. Over time the most neck pain sufferers end up with regular neck treatment, often using the same approach, and a plethora of time-consuming stretches and exercises that just don’t work.

The reality is neck pain is complex and a lot more than muscle tightness and restricted joints.

Most often neck pain is a compensation from problems somewhere else in the body. This can be anywhere from your feet and shoulders or even your diet.

One of the most overlooked relationship regarding neck pain is the one between jaw movement and the movement of the neck.

One critical component is the direct relationship between the jaw and C2, the second highest vertebrae in your neck. The C2 vertebrae will move every time the jaw moves. Why is that important you may ask?

Over 70% of your neck rotation comes from the two most upper segments of the spine, and altered jaw movement will translate to altered neck segment movement pain.

Practitioners have got to stop treating neck pain the same way over and over. We are complex beings and neck pain requires a complex assessment.

The jaw doesn’t move without neck movement and dysfunction with jaw movement creates dysfunction with neck movement. Now think about while you consider how much movement your jaw does throughout the day with eating, talking, drinking, yawning, clenching.

If you are a chronic neck pain sufferer and simply managing your neck with regular treatment, maybe your jaw maybe the missing link.

If you want some advice on your neck pain and to discuss whether your jaw could be involved feel free to hit us upon Facebook : Spinewise – Trevor Chetcuti.

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Serving Melbourne
for over 20 years